Domino/Notes 8 – ODS 48

Mit Lotus Domino/Notes 8 gibt es auch eine neue ODS 48 Version. Allerdings muß die neue ODS Version erst in der Notes.ini des Domino Servers aktivieren werden.

Notes.ini Parameter:

Create_R8_Databases Applies to servers. To allow compression of database design, NSFs must be ODS 48. Use this setting to upgrade the databases to ODS 48. There is no default setting.
Create_R8_Databases=1 There is no UI setting for this Notes.ini variable. This setting affects only NSFs; it has no effect on DB2-enabled Notes databases.

aus der Adminstrations Hilfe 8:

IBM® Lotus® Domino™ 8 supports file format, on-disk structure (ODS) 43.
Upgrading from ODS 43 to ODS 48
To upgrade from an ODS 43 to an ODS 48 format database in Domino 8, set the NOTES.INI file parameter Create_R8_Databases=1 in the NOTES.INI file on the Domino server or the IBM® Lotus® Notes® client. When you set Create_R8_Databases=1, new databases are created using ODS 48. Use copy style compacting to upgrade existing ODS databases to ODS 48. Use this command to run copy-style compacting:
compact -c

Note In-place compacting has been changed. When a pre-ODS 48 database is detected, Domino does not automatically convert to copy-style compact to upgrade your databases.
ODS 48 provides potential improvement for I/O and folder optimization.

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